colours in twirls of smoke

                                              gone in whispers,

                and nothing else. Now she knows.

Photo Credits: tumblr arts


She is afraid
In that way

A child screams
At darkness
Where things hidden
Fade. And heal
Or don’t

A mind afloat
Till it doesn’t,
Tugging on old years
Of scents on the subway
Ash and clouds

Turned against each other
This isn’t you
It is never easy
To forget
One’s shadow


Tell her
The things you’ve learned
Staring at stars in their sleep
Watching the sun flare at the edges
Into the clouds

She pulls the pleats into one
These days pain gnaws without remorse
Strains her breathing
As she craves his voice
His shadow. Something

In her thoughts
His face is in the mist
Of dawn
In the coldness

The silence
Oh the silence

What an old ally
This one
Sticking to all things
Left behind
Time is no more her enemy

Do tell her
The things you’ve learned

It’s Been A While

bob ballantyne


I have not been active on WordPress for a while. I guess I needed the break. Last year I wrote my final exams after close to 6+ years in school. It was an adrenaline-soaked experience. But here am I. Still breathing, innit?

Novels. Liz, my good friend, introduced me to What We Lose by Zinzi Clemmons. Another friend sent me Jhumpa Lahiri’s Maladies.

Then songs. I never went a day without listening to a song. Songs by Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Twenty One Pilots, Chainsmokers, Jhené Aiko, Bebe Rexha, good God Rihanna…yeah the whole lot. Someone mentioned Jon Bellion. I listened to everything. Also discovered great artistes on Soundcloud.

Movies, no? Not always my thing but 2017 wasn’t bad. Latest sidekick of mine is Black Mirror. I’m telling my grandchildren about it.

Now I’m back again to try to make sense of my life in words on a screen. Hope I get lucky.

I wrote a haiku about the featured image. A little bit rusty but I gave it my deepest breath.

waves against the shore

footprints fading in the sand

teardrops on my lips

Photo credits: Bob Ballantyne via PicsArt.





Ready on the mark

To squeeze through leaden lips.

Eyes eerily stuck

In grey

Hold onto soft sadness


We won’t share 

Our pain-gnawed days

The stars never cease after a storm

What the flesh hid

Is no more