I know, I know I haven’t been really active here. It’s been such a busy month as I recently began my last year of med school. Whoa. Everyone sure looks at you with a new set of expectant eyes.

A friend sent me this novel by Upamanyu Chatterjee English, August An Indian Story which I thoroughly enjoyed; and also The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma. I read and reread To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

And there’s Charles Bukowski who was introduced to me by my good friend Liz. His poems have been quite interesting, with a bit of edginess in some. Here’s one of his:

16-bit Intel 8088 chip

with an Apple Macintosh
you can’t run Radio Shack programs
in its disk drive
nor can a Commodore 64
drive read a file
you have created on an
IBM Personal Computer.
both Kaypro and Osborne computers use
the CP/M operating system
but can’t read each other’s
for they format (write
on) discs in different
the Tandy 2000 runs MS-DOS but
can’t use most programs produced for
the IBM Personal Computer
unless certain
bits and bytes are
but the wind still blows over
and in the spring
the turkey buzzards struts and
flounces before his

Yay I’ve missed y’all and have a great deal of catching up to do. Do have a lovely day.


6 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Computers have the same communication problems that humans do!! Humans make computers,so I guess that’s logical. But the challenge of bridging the differences in either instances often seems insurmountable.

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