This is incredible. Hundred. Amazing. People. I wholeheartedly thank all the lovely people who have made this journey a fun-filled one. You all have become some sort of family to me.

It hasn’t been altogether an easy one but it’s been truly worthwhile. When I first started out, I had no idea of what exactly I’d be writing about that would get people’s attention.

It was hugely overwhelmimg, at first, seeing so many talented, wonderful writers. But I learned quickly that  each person is unique, each voice stands out in its own special way.

This blogging has helped me in uncountable ways. That’s what happens, really, when one is surrounded by awesome people.


All the very best dears.


16 thoughts on “100 Followers!!!

  1. How delightful. Isn’t the internet amazing. There really isn’t another way to connect with so many diverse people from all over like this. How wonderful to be able to exchange ideas and touch hearts with 100 new people. Hooray for you for being adventurous.

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