We share a story


As a child, Mfon hated dark, scary places. But that changed as long as there was another human to provide companionship, and increase the chances of surviving anything that hid in the dark.

As she grew up, she came to realise that sometimes it was just in her head where all the monsters lived, that it was her brain that turned objects in the darkness to terrifying ghost-like images. Clothes became hordes of malformed shapes. Fiery scenes of horror movies flashed through her mind. And she’d keep any source of light comfortably close by.

Gradually, she could sleep in a dark room alone. But she consciously had to ignore the tricks her brain came up with.

She met Will who couldn’t just sleep alone in a room, whether it’s all blazing with lights or eerily full of darkness. He just wanted companionship. You see, she tried very hard not to let any emotion show, even as she saw it as being very strange.

This all faded into the daily routines of life until she lost a close friend in an accident. She was also in the vehicle but had managed to escape before it went up in flames. The memory was so strongly etched in her mind that it made her sleep miserable.

Then she learned of post traumatic stress disorder, and remembered Will. And understood, in a completely new sense, what he may have been going through. And that’s when she also knew of the importance of support groups: it’s easier to relate with someone who has a similar story, who faces same struggle; you have a new kind of family, you share a different kind of bond, and help each other in unique, unseen ways.


Photo Credits: pisky @misspisky via PicsArt


4 thoughts on “We share a story

  1. Lovely example of how difficult it is to understand things we haven’t experienced, no matter how much we care. And yes, having another person or other people really able to enter into what you have experienced is very healing. A very important post.

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