Finally I’ll Forget…

I was a little above four years old when my mother took me to visit my grandmother.

“You know she’s really fond of you, Eno. You’ll get to like her very much.” My mother beamed and hugged me closely.

The journey was long and stressful, made worse by the insistent raining, the bumpy roads and being squeezed into an old, rickety bus. Unlike my mother who never encouraged eating from food vendors — she said one couldn’t tell spirits from humans — I was allowed every piece of food item I so desired. This is some grandmother, I muttered.

Even though I missed the storyteller on the bus, witty Mrs Ada with braids that passed her waist and had cute, laughing eyes, it was a relief to finally reach my grandmother’s home. I noticed there were many girls around and this unsettled me in some otherworldly way. You see, mother hadn’t told me of my grandmother’s children.

There were piercing, gut-wrenching screams from some hidden part of the house that gave me goose-bumps. I clung heartlessly to my mother and refused to move any further.

“Oh dear, there’s nothing to be afraid of. We’re only here to see grandma.”

A womanly voice behind us startled us.

“Is this the girl?”

My mother dutifully chuckled, and moved me forward. I’d thought of grandma as a frail, bent woman with freckled face and wolfish grin. But this was a tall, sturdy woman with small, gentle eyes used to seeing anxious children.

“Oh Mama, she’s the one,” my mother breathed, and then continued in hushed tones, “ehm Mama, cut only the pointed part, it’s up up. The one I told you is clitoris. Abeg wash the razor well, well.”

“My daughter, I know these things. She’ll be fine.”

I smiled woodenly, trying to understand them, hoping to read hints off their faces. Later when grandma had gone, I clasped my mother’s fingers.

“What did you tell Mama?” I was dying to know.

“I told her to drive evil spirits away from you. You’ll be fine. Let’s go. It’s your turn.”

Eno exhaled and turned to her friend, blinking back tears.

“That’s how it happened my dear. Maybe this year, I’ll finally get to forget.”

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6 thoughts on “Finally I’ll Forget…

  1. Ah, I held my breath as I read, I wasn’t sure how this was going to end. So sad.

    Evil spirits indeed! FGM is a horrific practice, it has no basis, no logic whatsoever. It is a traumatic experience for those who are forced to endure it.

    You wrote this really well, I enjoyed reading this piece. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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